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Episode 162 - Moving On

September 18th, 2014

The donkeys welcome first-time guest, but frequent tweeter of the show, @Bmore_Whodat (Craig in Baltimore).  This is part 2 of this week's double-feature.  Damon even has a number this week as the donkeys discuss:

  • Getting to know Craig
  • Bobby Hebert
  • Mark Ingram
  • NFL domestic violence issues
  • Pick'ems
  • Game Preview
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Episode 161 - How to spell PROBlem

September 15th, 2014

The only thing worse than losing last week....was losing this week. The donkeys got together Sunday night to bring you this #instantreaction episode.  You don't go 0-2 against the Browns and not get an instant reaction show.  But this only makes us dig our heels in deeper.

  • Game recap
  • Patrick Robinson
  • How to Solve the Problems
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Episode 160 - Week 1 Blues

September 10th, 2014

Well, the Saints traveled to Atlanta. . . . . and lost. It's not the outcome we all thought would happen, but there is still plenty of football left. This episode includes a special bonus weekend recap interview. Join the Donkeys as they discuss:

  • Game recap
  • Tweets from the Twitter Thang
  • NFL Reach Around
  • Goodell blows goats. I've seen it!
  • Pick-ems
  • Saints Preview
  • Final Thoughts
  • Bonus weekend recap interview
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Episode 159 - I’m Eating Fried Fish

September 2nd, 2014

Join the donkeys as we kick off the 2014 season with a tailgate party that got so out of control, we had to record a second show. Don't worry, we sprinkled in a few clips from the drunk night before.  Football season is here...and we discuss:

  • Saturday's Cuts
  • Tweets from the Twitter Thang
  • Bold Predictions Sure to Go Wrong
  • Pick-ems
  • Fuck the Falcons/Game Preview
  • Inspiration for the season
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Episode 158 - Dress Rehearsal

August 25th, 2014

Game 3 of the preseason is now in the books, and most of the Saints starters got significant time in the win against the Colts. The Donkeys liked what they saw, and invited an old friend to stop by to talk about it (seems to be a theme this preseason). Join them as they discuss:

  • Got any Gunn?
  • Game Recap
  • Colston
  • Tweets from the Twitter Thang
  • Headlines
  • Fuck the Falcons
  • Final Thoughts
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Episode 157 - 5 Turnovers

August 17th, 2014

Halfway through the preseason and the Saints show flashes of greatness along with room for improvement.  Have a beer with us as we discuss:

  • New segment: From the Dome
  • Game Recap
  • Jersey discussion
  • Special Guest Appearance from an old friend
  • Fuck the Falcons
  • Vaccaro's sack
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Episode 156 - Preseason Quickie

August 11th, 2014

The Saints have begun the preseason with a win over the rams. A bunch of guys didn't play, but that didn't stop the Donkeys from over-analyzing the game. Join them for this quickie as they discuss:

  • Preseason game thoughts
  • Fuck the Falcons
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Episode 155 - Last Non-Game Episode Party

August 3rd, 2014

The donkeys celebrate the return to football with not one, but TWO guests.  You can sense the giddiness and excitement as we approach the preseason with topics like: 

  • Which WRs will make the team
  • Rob Ryan's 3-safety defense
  • What Grinds Jason's Gears
  • Drew Brees' post-practice games
  • Ryan Griffin vs. Luke McCown
  • Pelican (NBA) Plunge
  • Fuck the Falcons
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Episode 154 - 2 Days in the Valley

July 28th, 2014

The 2014 football season has finally begin, as the Saints have begun training camp. It's only 2 days of practice as of the time of the recording, but I'm sure the Donkeys found something to talk about. (Also, see the link based on what we talked about later in the show. )Join them as they discuss:

  • Intro
  • An old friend stops by
  • Camp Overreactions
  • Preseason
  • NFL Reach around
  • Tweets from the Twitter Thing
  • Fuck the Falcons
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Episode 153 - Ready for Football

July 20th, 2014

The 2014 Saints season is just about to get underway with the start of training camp coming this week. The Donkeys are getting excited for the upcoming season, and also talk about other items this week. Join us as we discuss:

  • Jimmy
  • Jersey Talk
  • Greatest Plays
  • Fuck the Falcons
  • Moving the Draft
  • Nicks
  • Pelican Plunge
  • World Cup
  • Training Camp Preview
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